Update for TNC3 and TNC31

Use of the software downloaded here is allowed only for use with SYMEK TNC3 und TNC31 !
Observe the copyright! 

There is NO difference between programs fot TNC3S and TNC31S !

more hints and modifications for TNC3 / 31

Up to date version: TF and TNC3BOX vers. 1.87 with OS 3.09 (Feb 2001).


Firmware supports frame collecting features. If a single packet out of a series of packets is lost, only the lost packets need to be retransmitted (retried). This improves throughput on weak channels.


Y2K: Date display valid until 2037.


Handshake (SLIP-mode) was improved from version 1.81.


Problems with 115200 baud RS232 (TNC31 only) had been fixed (OS 3.03).


TF (1.82) supports software-handshake in both directions (ESC-Z 3).


TF may be called including a script file, which is immediately executed under control of TF.


Within TF and TNC3BOD (Vers. 1.84) you can call scripts. (new command: ESC  #exec). 
this makes it possible to initiate an automatic connect after power-on.


New command ESC E (local echo on/off) (TF 1.84)


Minor DAMA- and software-watchdog-problems fixed in  TF 1.85.


Hayes-mode RS232 input buffer length now 16 kbyte (TF 1.87)


RS232 speed up to 460 kbaud supported by software (OS 3.08)


Hardware Handshake for all modes supported by software (OS 3.09 and TF 1.88)

 .apl  programs may be programmed with  flash -a  in the flash-EPROM of TNC3/31 and are translated to an executable (.ap) file there. Or you copy the .apl files into RAM with the cp command of OS.

TF 1.87  (28k) Turbo-Firmware 1.87 

TNC3BOXD (deutsch) (42k) Turbo-Firmware 1.87 mit Mailbox 1.35 (Deutsch)

TNC3BOX (engl.) (42k) Turbo-Firmware 1.87 with mailbox 1.35 (English)

SYSTEST (deutsch) (7k) Systemtest-Programm (Deutsch)

SYSTESTG (engl.) (7k) System test program (English)

RSKISS (10k) KISS mode / SMACK via RS232

HSKISS (6k) HSKISS Protokoll für High-Speed TNC3-Bus

TRKISS (7k) TRKISS Protokoll für Token Ring Systeme

IPKISS (9k) IPKISS für Internet / IP Anwendungen

flash_bs.apl (1k) Update of OS for old TNC3 (pre-OS 3.0)

 .scr  programs (script files) can be load into flash-EPROM with the flash -a  or copied into RAM with cp.

Scripts for TNC3   (3k) DIPxx.scr Dateien for TNC3 (few small files)

DIP1.scr for TNC31  (0k) DIPxx.scr Dateien for TNC3 (few small files)

 .abs  programs (operating system update) may be stored in boot sector of flash-EEPROM of TNC3/31  using the special command flash -o .

OS 3.07   (16k) Operating system 3.07 for TNC3/31

OS 3.08   (16k) Operating system 3.08 for TNC3/31 (BETA)  supports RS232 baudrates up to 460 kbaud

OS 3.09   (16k) Operating system 3.09 for TNC3/31  supports hardware RTS/CTS Handshake now!

Boot-files for flash-EPROM (operating system): Four files in one .zip-file:
OS307.10l and OS307.10u: Lower and upper Flash-EPROM (AM29F010-flash)
OS307.108: Flash-EPROM for TNC31 (AM29F010)
OS307.408: Flash-EPROM for TNC31 (AM29F040)
These binary files can be programmed in flash-EPROMs using a suited eprommer. Only the boot sectors are written, all other programc (scripts, .apl etc.) have to be appended later using  flash -a .

EPROM bootfiles  (55k) Operating system 3.07 for TNC3 and TNC31 (binary EPROM files)

PC-programs for TNC3

Terminalprogramme etc. for PC, e.g. RS.exe

download the complete TNC3-CD (650k)