High-Speed 1-Port Packet-Radio-Controller

The TNC31S is the ideal solution for high speed but moderate cost packet-radio.


user manual hard  User manual (hardware) download (380 kB)

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Based on the proven  TNC3S with High-Speed-Processor MC68302, the TNC31 was developed as smaller and low cost version. The main difference is, that the TNC31 has only ONE modem slot and less memory. The software of TNC3 and TNC31 is identical!

There is one slot for a modem in TNC31. You can choose one of the SYMEK modems (1200 Baud AFSK, 9600 Baud FSK or other speed FSK modems) and install it into TNC31. The modem can be changed or upgraded whenever necessary.

Software (see description of TNC3): Turbo-Firmware by DL1GJI with 10 up to max. 50 logical channels, mailbox for up to 10 user (logged-in simultaneously), KISS, SMACK, Hayes, SLIP, test program, DAMA. Compatible to most common packet-radio terminal software as GP, SP, AHP, TOP, VP, PAXON, STOP, Winpack etc.. Download of TNC3-programs from diskette to CMOS-RAM or flash-EPROM possible. With X-Net Software the TNC31 may be used as TheNetNode, FlexNet and TCP/IP node. TNC31 is plug-compatible to most TNC as TNC2S, TNC2H and TNC3.

The TNC31S can be used with every computer with RS232 interface. The supplied disc offers some programs for PC (DOS, Win, LINUX). A RS232 serial cablel with 9-pin sub-d connector (female) and a power supply cable is included.

Options: TNC31S (128 kByte RAM, 128 kByte Flash) or TNC31SX (512 kByte RAM, 512 kByte Flash, real-time-clock)


circuit board TNC31SX with RAM, ROM, CPU, RTC