TNC3S Specifications

Power supply

12 V DC (8...25 Volt) , 60 to approx. 350 mA (depending on modems, supply voltage ans software).


ca. B=174, T=130, H=42mm, mass 650 gramm

Modem interface

20-pin connector for flat ribbon cable: GND, 5 Vt (max. 400 mA for both modems), TxD, RxD, TxClock, RxClock, DCD, PTT, CTS, Reset. Baud rate 0 up to 1,2 MBaud, TTL-levels (CMOS). Protocol: AX.25 HDLC (Amateur Packet-Radio Standard)

LED display:

PWR, CON1, CON2 (Connect), STA1, STA2 (Status), HALT/ERROR (inside)


Motorola MC68302 with 14.7 MHz clock, 16 bit external bus to RAM and ROM, battery buffered CMOS-RAM and real-time clock chip.


75 baud up to 115200 baud, no hardware-handshake, switch and software-selectable

The TNC3 includes...

The TNC3S base model consists of the motherboard with 256 kByte CMOS-RAM and 256 kByte Flash-EPROM but with NO modems. As modem, you can select one or two modems out of a variety of AFSK and FSK modems, which will be built-in according to your order. If you order the modems later, it is easy to add or change the modems later by the customer.

For operation of TNC3, you need a serial interface cable with 25 pin sub-d (male) connector at the TNC's side, a 5.5 mm standard power supply cable and cables between modems (5 pin DIN connector) and your radio. Power supply and RS232 cables can be ordered separately.

All modems and optional memory etc. is ready built in. The TNC3 is supplied with english language manuals (for customers outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland) with a 3 1/2 inch software disk.