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Power Supply:

12 Volt DC (min. 9 V, max. 16 V), typ. 160 mA (Option: 70 or 35 mA), internal supply: 5 Volt. Regulator: standard regulator 7805 (Option low-power: MAX738)

Physical Dimensions:

Approx. B=105, T=170, H=42mm, (4 x 6.7 x 1.6 inch), weight approx. 450 gr.

Computer Interface:

RS232 (+/- 10 Volt), 25-pin Sub-D receptacle with UNC-nut bolts.
Baudrate: 150; 300; 1200; 2400; 4800; 9600; 19200; 38400 Baud
Parity: none , word length 8 Bit (may be configured by software)
outputs: data out (Pin 3), CTS (Pin 5) optional: DCD (Pin 9) and DSR (Pin 6)
inputs: data in (Pin 2), RTS (Pin 4) optional DTR (Pin 20)

Modem Interface:

CMOS -level 5 volt. TXData, TXClock, RXData, RXClock, RTS CTS, DCD, + 5 Volt, Reset, ground. The TNC2H may supply up to 200mA for a external modem, connected to the 20 pin modem-connector. Connection of additional modems to the TNC2H digital controller via 20 pin ribbon cable and connector. Assignment of the 20 pin modem connector according to the recommendation of DF9IC for high-speed-modem-disconnect connections.

LED Displays:

Power (5 Volt), STA, CON, PTT, DCD.


Z80 (Toshiba TMPZ84C00-10 CPU, 9,8 MHz clock), 8 bit data-bus

Program Storage (EPROM):

2 x 32 kbyte containing 2 softwares, selectable by DIP-switch

Data Storage (CMOS-RAM): (with battery-backup)

32 kbyte, about 24 kbyte available for data.

Real Time Clock:

Software-clock, depends on the software. Not supplied by the battery.


9 switches for selection of software-options, terminal-baudrate and modem transmit-filter.

Reset and Watchdog circuit:

MAX 691 reset and power supervisory circuit


3 Volt lithium battery with automatic switch over by MAX691. Calculated lifetime: 8 years