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Wireless Data Communication:

Packet-Radio-Controller (TNC) for amateur-radio, CB and commercial applications

Data radios (transceiver, transmitter, receiver) and vhf/uhf assemblies for reception and transmission of high-speed data signals and satellites


NOTE: Most of our products are out of production, please ask for remainders on stock.

Custom development and production

Mikrocontroller,  measuring equipment, sensors, assemblies for radio-frequency, TV and broadcast-transmitters.

NOTE: SYMEK GmbH ended in Mar 2014. Follower is Ulf Kumm Elektronik


Address:  Ulf Kumm Elektronik, Johannes-Krämer-Str. 34, D-70597 Stuttgart Germany

Phone +49 711 7678 923, Fax +49 711 7678 924, e-mail

Packet- Radio- Controller TNC3S: 
High speed TNC for AX.25 data communication   
up to 1 Mbit/s dual-port Controller