Modifications for Radios
for 9600 Baud G3RUH-FSK use

SYMEK has a collection of modification-instructions for variour amateur radio transceivers. We try to help our customers to modify their radio for FSK9600 use upon request. If you need to modify your radio and you don't find the instructions, please write uns an e-mail.

Most of the instructions however are originally written in German language. If necessary, we can try to translate this to English.

Our data base includes modification iinstructions for the following transceiver types: 

ALR72, AR446, AT48, C450, C4800, C500, C5200, C528, C558, C55d, C5608, C628, C7800, DJ560E, DJ580E, DR1200, DR430, DR510E, DR570EP, DR590E, DR599E, DR605, DR610, FRG9600, FT211, FT212, FT251, FT255, FT2700RH, FT280R, FT290R2, FT451, FT470, FT4700RH, FT480R, FT5100, FT5200, FT711, FT712, FT712RH, FT726, FT726N, FT727R, FT730R, FT733, FT736, FT73R, FT767GX, FT770RH, FT780, FT780R, FT790, FT790R2, FT8100, FT847, FT8500, FT90R, FT912R,  IC04E, IC1201E, IC207, IC211, IC2300, IC2400, IC2500, IC251, IC260, IC271, IC3200, IC32E, IC451, IC471, IC475, IC481, IC490E, IC4E, IC706, IC821, KF451, Knet-mini, KS900, KS960, KT400, KT44, LinkTRX, MOCOM35, RL412, T7F, SK2699R, SK769RH, SRP24, SRP25, TAIT2000, TH77E, TH78E, TH405E, TH405E, TM241A, TM255, TM421, TM431, TM441, TM455, TM531, TM701, TM702, TM707E, TM721, TM731, TM732, TM741, TR7800, TR8400, TR851E, TR9500, TRX2S, TRX4S,TS700, TS711, TS780, TS790, TS811.

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